Amazing Software Race Corporate Game #10069

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Amazing Software Race Corporate Game Demo #10069 - Inverra

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  Project Information

Our client, a global technology provider, asked Inverra to design, build, and host a game to promote their Data Center Software products at their largest customer event.

Our solution was built in HTML5 and leveraged JavaScript on top of a SQL database. Inverra collaborated with the client to design an interactive game that allowed users to accumulate points based on correctly selecting the category a technology, event, or product belongs to. The game has multiple levels that use increase in difficulty and decrease in time allowed to correctly match the category. The game was featured at the customer event on an 80” touch screen TV and users lined up to compete for the chance to win an iPad. The Leaderboard showed the top 50 users and was refreshed real time with the most recent top scoring games.

In addition to promoting and educating players about the Software products, information collected about registered users enabled follow-up marketing efforts to a very targeted audience.

  • Technologies:HTML5, Javascript, SQL
  • App Hosting:Inverra Cloud
  • Data Refresh:Real-Time
  • Time 2 Build:5 Weeks

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