Employee Engagement Dashboard Demo #10075

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Employee Engagement Dashboard Demo #10075- Inverra

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  Project Information

Many of our clients use Gallup or a similar organization to conduct annual employee engagement or voice of the customer surveys. All of our clients have difficulty digesting the enormous volume of data they get back. One client asked us to not only design, conduct and analyze an employee engagement survey, but also to take a shot at summarizing their data in an executive-friendly format.

Our solution was to first consult with the client and design a fifty question survey to measure employee engagement. We then built an online data entry tool for employees to give their feedback. Finally, we did a mashup of the last fifteen years worth of results (they are a long-term client) into a color coded trend view. We built the visualization in Tableau and wrapped it in HTML to give a the users a richer experience. We also incorported employee comments and feedback to help provide context to the trend data.

  • Technologies:HTML, Tableau, SQL
  • App Hosting:Inverra Cloud
  • Data Refresh:Annual
  • Time 2 Build:4 Weeks

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