Daily Bookings Dashboard Demo #10062

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Daily Bookings Dashboard Demo #10062- Inverra

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  Project Information

Our technology client needed a way to view all bookings and de-bookings which occurred during the previous day. Their typical approach was to use cumbersome queries and reports with their Business Objects environment. Their executives couldn't stand using those tools. They asked Inverra to build a custom dashboard for them.

Our solution started with an API from Business Objects to SQL which auto-refreshes each night. We then built a Tableau view on top of the SQL data and optimized the extracts for quick response time. Finally, there is an alerting tool which sends an email each morning to select users letting them click and view without having to login to the Business Objects environment.

  • Technologies:SAP BO, SQL, Tableau
  • App Hosting:Client Firewall
  • Data Refresh:Nightly
  • Time 2 Build:3 Weeks

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