Business Intelligence Solutions That 'Wow'

bi program optimization. fast.

Services To Optimize Your BI Program


Market Landscape. Implementation Support.

Use Case: Newly appointed Director of BI has recently joined the organization. The company wishes to implement a BI system and would like understanding the current marketplace, costs and tradeoffs.

Inverra Services: Our BI consultants will work with you to determine market offerings, costs and implementation approaches. We can help implement the solution, provide one of our own custom offerings or simply advise you along the way.


Design. Build. Maintain.

Use Case: Business Intelligence Director has a good foundational program in place. The team is new and the business demand is over-running their supply.

Inverra Services: Our project managers, designers and back-end developers can help your team flex to meet your business demand. From single project support, to ongoing design / architecture role to full end to end managed services. We can help.


We Free You Up To Do Enterprise Level Work

Use Case: Business Intelligence VP wishes to free up internal BI talent to tackle large scale enterprise projects while continuiing to serve incoming divisional BI demand.

Inverra Services: We can manage the incoming demand completely – from customer interaction, to demand prioritization, to requirements, design, development and even ongoing support. In your environment or in our cloud.


Simple, Secure, Fast

Use Case: Business Unit leader in a mid-size company wishes to implement a BI solution quickly without the need for internal IT resources.

Inverra Services: We can quickly create a completely stand-alone application, with workflow, a back-end data management system and host it in our secure cloud. We have thousands of users hitting our servers every day. Simple, simple, simple.