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Custom Mobile Applications


iPad, Android, Blackberry.

Inverra has taken our design and delivery expertise on the road so end-users can access and drill into their most important data anywhere, anytime. We can help deliver BI on your iPad, on your Android phone or on your Blackberry device. BI anywhere, anytime.

Any Device


Mashup of data and content.

We’ve found that our clients are extending our designs beyond BI metrics, to include a mash-up of both data and content. Need a wiki-type solution for your sales force on an iPad? Need an aggregator of customer facing content from 20 sources on a tablet? Want to stream product launch info to a mobile device? Inverra is here to help.
Any Content


Usage, favorites, ratings.

Want to know which content mobile BI users view the most? Want to know which content is marked as ‘favorite’? Want to solicit feedback and ratings from end users via a mobile device? Want to gather ‘BI on your BI’ app? Inverra has the capability to design and build these features in your mobile solutions.
Any Time