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Pre-Packaged BI Products

iPad 360 CONNECT

iPad Content Aggregation System

Use Case: SVP of Marketing has many content channels (web sites, blogs, videos, pdfs and the like) requiring customers to hunt and peck across many web pages for information related to a specific product or service line. It’s painful for the customer and not efficient.

Inverra Product: 360 Connect delivers a holistic app on the iPad for all content areas (automatically captured via back-end process) and allows the user to interact, rate, favorite and share their insights. Delightful for the customer and very efficient.


Online Benchmarking Tools

Use Case: Association Executive Director is constantly trying to find opportunities to deliver valuable benefits that will excite and retain their members.

Inverra Product: Online Cost of Doing Business Study (CODBS). CODBS is an annual, end-to-end association benchmarking process which collects data from member firms, creates geographic and financial ‘best in class’ benchmarks and provides a compelling set of analytical tools to each member – all online. Members can slice and dice their own data against their peers. Operations data. Sales data. Financial data. Compensation data. Very compelling association offering. Consistently voted the #1 benefit for emembers.


Collection and Analysis of BCP Info

Use Case: Business Continuity Leader has many divisions, each tasked with implementing and monitoring a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). The nature of the content is highly decentralized and often ‘unique’ to each business unit. The leader has limited visibility into the overall BCP maturity in the organization.

Inverra Product: End-to-end process which collects BCP assessment data, aggregates across functional areas and provides a top-down view of compliance and maturity via an interactive dashboard. Easy to update. Powerful analytical tool.


Data Mashups + Cloud Hosting + Inverra IT Tools

Use Case: Chief Information Officers, VPs of IT, Directors of IT Operations… all face a similar challenge: Mashing-up data from help desk systems, incident management systems, system availability and uptime information, asset management systems, financial management spreadsheets (and more) for high-impact analysis and improvement management. In addition, they face the necessary task of building credibility with business partners and other stakeholders. There’s a need to demonstrate IT is on top of their operations while always driving improvements. It’s the foundation on which IT can demonstrate additional value.

Inverra Product: Outstanding dashboard solutions that cover every aspect of IT Operations Management. Provided in a hosted environment in the Inverra cloud. You provide the data from any source, we mash it up into our designs and tools. You login and run your shop, show your stakeholders and drive improvements.


End to End Survey Process With Dashboard

Use Case: CEO wishes to define, measure and improve their organizational culture.

Inverra Product: End-to-end tool which collects employee engagement data across 50 questions. Objective and subjective responses are aggreated into 10 Inverra proprietary ‘Standards’ based on engagement research. Dashboarding tool then allows the SVP HR to facilitate improvement plans across their divisions.


360 View of Human Capital In Your Company

Use Case: SVP of Human Resources wishes to provide a 360 degree view of each division’s human capital.

Inverra Product: Data is collected via a star schema, loaded into Inverra’s secure cloud and aggregated. Business rules are applied to each KPI. Results are streamed back down to an authenticated users Desktop and / or iPad for analysis and action.


XLF Templates (Requires SAP License)

Use Case: BI leader wishes to provide their business users with predefined ‘templates’ across a variety of business situations (finance, sales, HR, IT and the like).

Inverra Product: Inverra has built thousands of Xcelsius applications over the last several years. We have taken some of our best and packaged them for your direct purchase. They are fully functional, but your BI team will need to create your own data queries and connect to the XLF ‘data’ tab in our model.