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connect us and earn rewards

Inverra is growing exponentially and one of our best channels is through our Inverra ‘friends and family’ program. This referral program rewards friends who make introductions to new potential customers which then lead to invoiced work. We reward the overall relationship created, not a specific deal. You make the referral, we do the rest. You may be an individual that ‘gets’ what we do, or you may be a company that has clients who may benefit from our work. Either way, we’d love for you to apply to become an official Inverra Referral Partner.

Referral Awards


If you introduce Inverra to a company which in turns hires us, we will pay you 10% of total net fees we receive from that customer over the next 24 months. Net fees include any / all projects within that company, regardless of your involvement after the initial referral. You will be paid 30 days after Inverra is paid. If your introduction (even if it only takes 10 minutes) leads to $1 million in fees, then you receive $100,000 for that valuable relationship referral. We reserve the right to terminate future customer registrations at any time.

Partner Requirements


You will learn the Inverra product and solution offering.
You will pre-register customers with us.
You will only register viable BI prospects.
You may not refer your current employer.
You may not refer existing Inverra clients.
You may not refer customers who are already registered.
You may not be involved in any proposal discussions.
You may not be involved in delivering any work.