Business Intelligence Solutions That 'Wow'

right tools for the right job

Inverra is BI technology agnostic. We believe it is better for our clients if we are versed in a large number of complementary BI technologies. From databases to middleware to front-end tools, Inverra helps mashup the right tools for the right job.

Inverra is technology agnostic


Inverra is a referral / deployment partner with several leading BI vendors. These vendors provide support and training to our team. We tend to use these core solutions heavily in our custom work as well as to support our product delivery platform. Our relationships also provide us the opportunity to influence their product roadmaps based on front line experience and requests by many inverra clients.

MicroStrategy BI
QlikView BI
Tableau BI


Inverra provides a full-service cloud hosting solution for a large number of our clients. Clients outsource hosting and support for a variety of reasons: they do not want to pay / maintain internal servers, support ETL / ongoing data loads, provide bug/fix support nor ensure secure access. To help these clients, we have created a highly secure cloud solution to host our clients data and applications. Instead of building our own data center, we have partnered with a world-wide leader in cloud infrastructure – NTT America. NTT has a global footprint, triple redundant systems, guarantees 100% uptime, deployes the latest security features and is ISO compliant. We have used NTT for more than 10 years and have not had one service interruption, security breach or client complaint.

NTT America