Business Intelligence Solutions That 'Wow'

the inverra way


The Inverra Way summarizes four main tenets of our culture. It’s how we want our team to operate. We believe if we constantly improves in these four areas, that our clients will receive even higher quality solutions and our team will become even more engaged.


The Inverra Way - Creativity


Creativity is not a role (UI Designer), it is something that I personally bring to every project.
  • I am very proud of what I just built
  • This application looks awesome
  • This application works even better than it looks
. . . my client is happy – here is the quote to prove it
The Inverra Way - Speed


Speed makes us different than the competition. I know when faster is better than perfection.
  • This phase felt like a speed boat, not a train
  • I delivered my portion ahead of schedule
  • I’m getting better at sprint-based delivery
. . . My PM is happy – here is the quote to prove it
The Inverra Way - Reuse


The Inverra ecosystem is all about leveraging what others have already done. We SHARE.
  • I always ask ‘who has done this before?’
  • I shared my tribal knowledge after the project
  • I’m faster and more creative because of reuse
. . . my teammates are happy – here’s the proof
The Inverra Way - Team


Our clients get better results from ‘us’ than from just ‘me’.
  • I am very proud of my teammates
  • I asked others for ideas on this project
  • I’m getting better at building our team
. . . my teammates are happy – here’s the proof